Good To Know

What you need to know when a loved one leaves you a property

Dealing with the sale of a property after a loved one has passed away, will more than likely be a traumatic experience. Decisions and actions that would normally be handled with relative ease, can become incredibly hard and confusing. In order to sell the property of a deceased parent or family member to which you are the heir, there are legal steps that need to be followed before you will be able to proceed.

“Managing property transactions at the best of times is tricky; in the context of deceased estates it is especially difficult because of the many life events and the associated emotions, that are involved”

The first step when dealing with a deceased estate is to identify whether the deceased had a validly executed Will. This could be held by attorneys, financial planners and banks among others. The Will can then be used to identify the manner in which the estate will be distributed, as well as who has been appointed as the Executor.

It is important to remember that all assets will be frozen from the date of death and that no items or assets may be disposed of without the authority of the appointed Executor.